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Alexandra Ponce, Esq.
Alex is the Managing Attorney at CLOSED, overseeing our integration efforts with joint venture partners and our processing team day to day. Alex is an expert in digital, paperless, automated title processes. Born and raised in South Florida, Alex is a cum laude graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, where she was selected for law review. Alex is a real estate attorney who advises clients in all aspects of real estate transactions, including purchase and sale agreements, deeds, and title insurance. Prior to attending the University of Miami, Alex earned her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. Alex obtained her real estate license in 2012, working at The Keyes Company where she gained practical experience working with clients and drafting contracts. Alex's experience as a Realtor is an asset to her at CLOSED, where she guides our team to be relentlessly focused on customer experience. Alex resides in Dania Beach, Florida and away from work enjoys traveling, boating, and time with friends and family. Alex is an employee of CLOSED LLC.